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WATCH: Verdala Football Ground Goes From Abandoned To Abhorrent After Years Of Neglect

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A pair of abandoned football grounds in Verdala have been neglected for so long that they’re now posing a health and safety hazard for people in the area.

Once a hub for summer leagues and sports, the football grounds have now been abandoned for four years and have decayed to a point that the area has turned into a dump with dead mice littering the floor.

Disgusted by the state of the ground, one local resident took to a video to document the mess while explaining the tragic timeline that led to its derelict state.

“Not only are they abandoned, they are disastrous,” George Ebejer said.

The pitch has been looted for its astroturf and furniture resulting in dirt and rubbish taking its place.

The once snack bar has now turned into a dumping site with everything from plastic bottles to barbed wire occupying the space.

“I don’t understand why they didn’t close and secure this place,” he said.

The area has become so filthy that dead mice litter the floor…

“Who knows how many are in there,” he said.

Ebejer appealed for the area to be closed off until if, and when, work begins on the area to restore the pitch to its former glory.

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