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WATCH: Young Girl Sets The Best Example Possible By Cleaning Up Għadira Beach With Her Mother

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Amidst the chaos of an increasing number of people and their lack of concern for the surroundings, one very young girl has just one of the best examples you could ever hope for… all while swimming with her mother in Mellieħa.

In a video sent to Lovin Malta, the young Romanian girl – who was at the beach with her mother – was spotted taking part in a unique weekend activity; pushing up trash and cigarette buds at Għadira.

“I want to teach her good things”

Anna Anya has been staying in Malta for a long time, and even with her busy schedule, she always manages to get some time out to have clean-up campaigns of her own with her daughter Illinka.

And as if that wasn’t awesomely adorable enough, it turns out Illinka wants to be a vet and loves doing these clean-ups to help save turtles and fish.


“I want Illinka to get good values. Cleaning up behind you is very important, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t understand it. I want my daughter to learn these things and contribute.”

Considering the alarming rate of the rubbish situation around the world – Malta definitely included – we certainly need more people like Anna Anya and Illinka.

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