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‘We Do Not Know About These Things’: Bormla Council Short On Answers Over Cottonera Trees Possibly Facing The Chop

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The Bormla local council has given conflicting answers following concerns that a number of trees near the Cottonera Sports complex might be cut down after orange and white ribbons suddenly appeared on them.

Contacted by Lovin Malta, the Bormla Local council said that they “do not have any information… we do not know about these things.”

The concerns were raised by a person who posted images of the trees in question to the environmental Facebook group, ‘For Our Trees’.

Shortly afterwards, the secretary of the council informed the newsroom that they know about the post and have seen it, saying that “there are no projects in the pipeline.”

The secretary then added that the trees were “to be pruned so that people can walk on the pavement.”

The post led to an outcry over what may be the next set of trees to face the chop.

The post on the Facebook group 'For Our Trees'

The post on the Facebook group 'For Our Trees'

“Can someone shed some light on what’s about to happen in this area? Majority of trees have an orange and white ribbon tired to them. Next lot to face the chop?” asked one concerned citizen.

Many people quickly turned their attention to the Bormla trees, with many feeling like they had been left on the sidelines amidst the government’s recent controversial plans.

Just recently, people fumed over a proposal that would see a public garden in Attard ‘upgraded’, fearing that this upgrade would lead to more removed trees.

Despite the comments made by the secretary of the Bormla council, the pictures posted on the Facebook group do not seem to show any trees obstructing the pavement, being separated by a fence.

Other authorities contacted by Lovin Malta did not have any information on the area.

The Environment Landscape Consortium commented that “as far as they are concerned we are not in any way involved and we do not really know what is going to happen.”

“This particular area we do not know anything about it, so this is news for us.”

It was also indicated on-site that there will be heavy machinery operating in the area on November 1st.

However, it is unconfirmed whether the tree pruning mentioned by the Bormla council is related to this activity.

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