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Will ODZ Land Ever Get A Break? New 5,000 Sqm Road Proposed In Għarb, Gozo

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A planning application has surfaced for a new road being proposed on 5,387 sqm of Outside Development Zone (ODZ) in Għarb Gozo.

The plan outlines the proposal of a new street to serve as an alternate access to Triq Birbuba, and also to change the zoning of a part of the land to residential development.

“I am concerned about reducing the already limited ODZ space that we have available in Għarb,” one resident said. 

The area, known as ‘Tal-Mawua’ touches upon Triq Birbuba & Triq Patri Albert Caruana.

Għarb is a quaint town with a population of only 1,300 people, known for being one of the few untouched places in Gozo.

Residents from the surrounding areas have already started to oppose the permit, as they fear the repercussions that such a project could have.

One also pointed out how there is a borehole next to the fields which is still used to this day. They also pointed out how there are protected birds including owls and hawks that frequent the area.

Other residents also expressed that the proposal is totally useless given that the area is purely residential with traffic being very minimal.

The site is not just situated within ODZ, but apart from that, its current existing use is for agricultural purposes.

The Rural Policy clearly outlines that such development cannot take place on land which holds agricultural purposes.

Representations are currently being sent in against the permit, and are open until the 27th October.

What do you make of this?

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