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A Virtual Victory? Malta Is Currently Fifth In The ‘Eurovision Home Contest’ Grand Final… And You Can Vote Right Now

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Cancellation could not dampen the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, with some of the competition’s biggest fans setting up a virtual version of the contest online. Now, with just two hours to go until the end of the Grand Final, it looks like Malta actually has a chance to take home a top spot!

Destiny might not have the awesome opportunity to sing on a stage in front of millions from all over the continent this May, but that doesn’t mean she can’t continue making her whole nation super proud. And that’s looking more and more probable with every passing minute.

In an effort to keep the annual appointment’s spirit very much alive amidst Coronavirus cancellations and fears, the Eurovision Home Contest was set up earlier this month, and it’s exactly what you’d think.

The semi-finals already went down last week, with Malta blazing through Tuesday’s round to make it to today’s Grand Final.

Now, as voting closes at 8pm tonight, Malta is currently fighting for fourth place!

Eurovision Home Contest 2020 – Grand Final

Who should win the #Eurovision Home Contest 2020?#StayHome and Vote for your favourite country here https://esct.co/vote#VotefromHome #EurovisionHomeContestThe live voting will close at 20:00 CET

Posted by ESCToday on Saturday, March 28, 2020


Now granted, this is definitely not a normal (or even technically official) version of the Eurovision, but who really cares?

We’re all at home doing nothing anyway, so how about making this the year Malta wins the Eurovision, no matter what form it takes? God knows we wouldn’t let anyone forget it if we do end up victorious.

Malta has currently been shifting between fourth and fifth place in a points battle with Russia’s Little Big hot on our tails.

Ahead lie Switzerland, Georgia, and an apparently super popular Lithuania. But we reckon enough bored islanders stuck at home can turn the tide on any thousands-wide margin. And hey, over a million views in less than 20 days can’t be wrong. Let’s do this!

If you want to vote for Destiny and Malta (and seriously, why wouldn’t you?!), click on this link right here… before the clock hits 8pm!

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