'Dua Who?': Chameleon Has Officially Been Out For A Month, And Europe Is Absolutely Loving Michela Pace

We're apparently getting 12 million points from Russia y'all

Michela Pace Chameleon One Month You Tube

Malta's 2019 Eurovision hopeful was off to a good start back in March as far as the reactions it got from both locals and the rest of Europe, and it looks like it's only getting better for Michela Pace.

Today, Chameleon celebrates a month on YouTube... and the numbers surrounding it are as impressive as they get

Still solidly on #1 Trending as far as Malta's YouTube community go, Malta's entry is sitting on an impressive 4.7 million views. For context, current absolute favourite Arcade by The Netherlands' Duncan Laurence has just over 5 million views, and the gap between the two entries only keeps decreasing.

But with Malta's teenage starlet, it's not just the big numbers that are winning people over

Nearly every single one of the 5,000 comments on YouTube shower the young Maltese singer with praise, with many of them comparing Michela to international superstar Dua Lipa.

"If this were released by Dua Lipa it would be a worldwide hit," one comment reads, with a fan of the young English superstar going on to cheekily comment, "Dua who?"

Beyond the "she's-a-young-and-super-talented-singer-with-a-constantly-calm-and-collected-attitude" comparison that was drawn between her and Dua Lipa, Michela also keeps getting compliments on her voice, with dozens of people from all over the continent losing it over her signature voice-crack that made thousands of Maltese people fall in love with her during last year's debut X Factor series.

One other comment echoed what many islanders have worried about before; what the final product actually looks like on the big night. "Please Malta, just stage it right and it's in top five for sure!" one comment stressed out.

Also littering the comments section are numerous shows of support from multiple countries, with everyone from Spain to Russia promising 12 points. Although, in all fairness, one Russian commentator actually said Malta would be getting "twelve million points". We'll be waiting, Moscow.

Michela Pace Comments
Michela Pace Comments 2

In the meantime, Chameleon is still sitting in the Top 10 of the Eurovision odds, with Michela's song currently in ninth place.

Do you think Malta has what it takes this year?

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