Eurovision Odds Rank BOTH Maltese Entries Dishearteningly Low

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Things aren’t looking good for Malta at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, at least according to online betting odds. 

With the first semi final happening tomorrow both Jessika, who will represent San Marino and Christabelle will be competing for a place in the final on Thursday. But according to an amalgamation of all the major betting sites has placed us in the 10 least likely nations to nab the number one spot, and the coveted trophy. 

Betting Odds

The worst-ranking songs according to several betting odds

The most recent tally, which comes after watching all the performances sing live in two, on-stage rehearsals, has Malta at a higher placing than San Marino, but there’s still a lot of climbing to do if we want to make it to Saturday’s final. While Christabelle's position fluctuates between 7th from last and 10th from last, San Marino seems to be decidedly the lowest scoring entry (often tied with Iceland).

This year over 40 other entries will be competing in Lisbon. 

According to these same polls, fan-favourite Israel is sitting happily in the number one spot, with France, Norway, Estonia, Cyprus and the Czech Republic all giving Netta (the Israeli singer) chase for the win. 

On the bottom-end of the spectrum we have Iceland, Montenegro, San Marino, Georgia and Malta.

While disheartening, these statistics mean Malta needs more love than ever before - so spread the love in our comments section and let the singers know we’re still supporting them all the way to the final!

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