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Fans Of RuPaul’s Drag Race Are Losing Their Minds Over This Maltese Singer’s Eurovision Entry

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The self-proclaimed Nancy Drews of the drag world (aka Reddit users in the subreddit r/rupaulsdragrace) have stumbled upon Maltese singer Jessika’s performance at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and it seems they’ve loved it enough to post it on their threads and make it a meme.

The whole thing started with a screenshot of a robot dancing on stage during San Marino’s performance. The robot was brandishing a ‘Justice For Valentina’ placard, and the international community of fans instantly jumped on the bandwagon claiming the sign was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the supposedly-robbed drag queen from season nine, Valentina.

Eliminated for not knowing the words to her lip-sync, Valentina’s die-hard fans have been calling for justice for their fave for over a year now, and seeing Malta’s Jessika celebrate this sent them into a tailspin.


Within the comments section the users also meme’d the infamous rap verse of San Marino’s entry, adding emojis after every second word in an ‘in-joke’ reference to Shangela (another top drag queen) and her iconic confrontation with Mimi Imfurst.

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But the best part of the whole situation is that Jessika’s original message is just as shady as the drag references. The slogan #JusticeForValentina is a dig at Valentina Monetta, the Sammarinese singer who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest four times.

Tag someone who’s this shady

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