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Malta 2020? Here’s How Bookmakers Are Predicting Michela Pace Will Fare At This Year’s Eurovision Song Contest

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Now that the whole continent is in full Eurovision mode ahead of this year’s edition in Tel Aviv in mid-May, thousands of people all over Europe are picking out their favourites. With the recurring hope that this might just be Malta’s year, many locals would be pleased to know that it’s actually looking quite respectable for our Chameleon.

18-year-old X Factor winner Michela Pace was the last of 41 competitors to unveil her song this year, with Chameleon only being online for less than 48 hours. However, the latest list of odds places Malta in the top 15.

According to results compiled by EurovisionWorld.com, bookmakers have placed Malta in the 11th position, with Michela’s chance of winning currently sitting at 3%

Eurovision World Bookmaker Lovin Malta

Considering some of the other 40 songs have been out for weeks, Malta’s ranking is actually pretty impressive. Moreover, the chance of winning for positions as high as fifth only go up to 5%.

As it stands, Netherlands’ Arcade by Duncan Laurence is currently slated to win according to bookmakers, with its chance of winning sitting on a rather hefty 21%.

In what’s quickly become one of the most accurate Eurovision polls out there, Malta is currently placed in 13th position

Again, a respectable placing considering everyone has only had 48 hours to listen to Michela Pace’s voice belting out all those ‘Na Na’s.

In recent years, the Eurovision Poll has nearly always predicted the winner, with the only edition in the last five years where it didn’t get it right being the 2016 Russia-Ukraine kerfuffle (and even then, they only got it wrong by 1%).

Of course, it’s still early days, but it’s already looking good for Malta’s teenage sweetheart.

Eurovision Poll History

Can Malta win this year’s Eurovision song contest? Let us know in the comments below

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