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LISTEN: 30-Second Clip From What Could Have Been Michela Pace’s Eurovision Song

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The chorus from a song that Michela Pace recorded ahead of the Eurovision but which was discarded in favour of Chameleon has been leaked to Lovin Malta.

It is believed that several songs were offered to Michela’s team, and a couple of them were recorded but never released, although they are now circulating around WhatsApp channels.

In comments to the press yesterday, the 18-year-old singer confirmed that these songs could find their way to her debut album

“Maybe, maybe not… surprise!” Michela said when asked whether her album will include those songs.

After teasing her fans, a number of people commented on social media that they wish the song Colours is included in the album, and it appears that this leaked clip is indeed from that song.

Michela qualified from the semi-final with Chameleon but ended up finishing in 16th place in the final last Saturday. And the question remains… would she have done better with Colours?

What do you make of this clip? Let us know in the comments!

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