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Let The Games Begin! With 63 Days To Go, Here Are The Odds Of Malta Winning This Year’s Eurovision

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Now that Malta has been subjected to – and fallen in love with – Destiny’s Eurovision entry, it’s time to see how the island’s hopeful is shaping up against some of Europe’s biggest and best.

And while some might think it’s a bit too early to be discussing Eurovision right now, may I remind you we’re only 63 days to go… and with yesterday being the deadline for countries to submit their entries, there is really no better time than today.

Having a look at the official Eurovision World, one can already notice a pattern emerging with some tunes already emerging as clear favourites.

As it stands, Malta’s currently predicted to place eighth, with a 4% chance of winning the Eurovision.

Bulgaria and Iceland are currently leading the odds, with Lithuania coming in at third.

Currently, Victoria’s Tears Getting Sober (which kinda echoes Billie Eilish) is bookmakers’ favourite tune, but Iceland’s Metronomy-sounding banger and quirky dances is hot on its tail.

Interestingly enough, Russia – which is the only country to not have unveiled its song yet – has still managed to climb all the way to fifth place. Of course, this is probably down to the fact that Russia’s representatives this year’s are Little Big, a popular rave group who had gone viral in 2018 with their hit Skibidi (which had hit over 350 million views).

What do you make of Malta’s chances at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest?

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