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Sip, Shot, Down: We’ve Put Together The Ultimate Drinking Game For Tonight’s Eurovision Final

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Okay look, whether or not you care about the Eurovision, there’s no denying that any excuse to get together with your friends and drink is a valid excuse. Tonight people all over Europe, and by default Malta (because that’s how geography works), will get together in front of their TVs to watch the most extra song contest to ever exist.

Chameleon recently hit 10 million views on YouTube, and her semi final performance is number one on trending, so Michela’s already got something to celebrate. But for us spectators, the celebrations start before any results are announced.

Donning comfy clothes and sporting a wide array of snacks, drinks, and take away foods, Eurovision night in Malta is basically just another excuse to eat and drink.

And in honour of that, we’ve put together the Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game for you and your friends to play tonight

Or you and your family if that’s how you guys roll. Just, as always, remember to drink responsibly. And if you plan on driving home, play this game with water and soft drinks instead.

Eurovison Game 2

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but just in case, here are the rules;

There a three (3) types of drinks you could take; a sip of whatever you’re drinking, a shot of something stronger, or you have to down whatever is left in your glass. So for example if a song include a classic key change you take a shot, if someone mentions Madonna you take a sip, and if someone complains about Australia you down your drink.


BONUS: Pop some champagne if Malta makes it to the top five

First place would be great sure, but we’ll be happy with anything that recognises Michela as an actual contender.

BONUS BONUS: If Malta wins just drink everything you can get your hands on

We didn’t include this on the sheet because it’s slightly ambitious and also very dangerous. But hey, if we make history by winning for the first time ever, normal rules don’t apply.

But we’ll repeat; drink responsibly. And don’t drink and drive.

So grab your pals, and if you play our drinking game be sure to tag us on Instagram @lovinmalta.

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