VOTE: Which Of Malta's Eurovision Song Contest Front-Runners Should Win?

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There's only three weeks left till the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, and as predicted in our article last week, many of the views-based rankings have changed drastically since the songs were first released. But one song continues to push forward ahead of the rest. 

Brooke Borg's Heart of Gold is now approaching the 50,000 mark and the entry has retained its most-viewed status since day on. But Eleanor Cassar is hot on her heels.


Which Diva Will Win The Malta Eurovision Song Contest?
Brooke Borg
Eleanor Cassar
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A surprise entry by the long-time competitor, Back To Life has also had a steady climb to the top of the back and is just shy of the 40,000 views marker. While Brooke's entry is a lot more radio friendly, Eleanor's song is Eurovision perfection.

So as the two of them power ahead of the pack with completely different approaches, who do you think deserves the win?

Taking a quick look at the views also reveals Aidan is at a very comfortable third place having just jumped the 30,000-views milestone. Despite slight controversy surrounding his entry, the press coverage that followed seems to have done his entry a solid.

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