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Maltese Eurovision fans, the wait is over! After months of teased song titles and hints at the chosen styles, TVM has finally released lyric videos for the songs competing in this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest. 

The 16 songs will go head-to-head, and the winning number will represent Malta in Portugal this May. Here's the list by views, from lowest to highest. The songs were released last night, so, bar a few exceptions, these numbers are likely to change soon.

16. Rocket - Miriana Conte

The young singer's second entry in the contest, Miriana is known for her big notes and signature sassy tone. Rocket is a lighthearted, radio-friendly song with a catchy chorus.

15. Breaking Point - Dwett

New faces in the contest, Dwett's number is a slow duet and a classic ballad with a lot less dramatic belting. 

To understand the style think Christina Perri's A Thousand Years meets Falling Slowly from Once... but made for Eurovision.

14. Call 2morrow - Matthew Anthony

Another new face to Malta's Eurovision stage, Matthew brings a sexier sound to the contest with a 'bedroom beat' and talk of sheets. 

As good as it is to see a racier song make it to Malta's contest, can we drop the '2' and just spell words properly?

13. Beyond Blue Horizons - Rihannon

Rihannon's jazzy voice is back for a second year. The song starts soft and emotional, building up to Rihannon's signature belts at the end of the number.

12. One Step At A Time - Danica

A song straight from the Eurovision Song Contest in the late 00s, Danica sweet voice is lost within a forgettable beat.

11. Evolution - Petra

Presenting a ballad intended to inspire, Petra's Evolution has simple lyrics with a powerful message. Very Children of the Universe by England's Molly back in 2014.

10. Love Renegade - Lawrence Gray

Malta's most avid Eurovision participant, Gray enters this year's competition with a different sound to his usual ballads. 

Also noticeably missing is the big note he can sing while pointing at the camera and spinning. 

9. Turn It Up - Deborah C.

A Fuego-ready song, Deborah presents another uptempo, latin-sounding song. This song is oddly endearing (in a 'I love the Eurovision' kind of way).

8. Song For Dad - Richard and Joe

A sweet song, but can we just dedicate a song to someone without literally saying it in the title? 

Richard's folky sound makes for a nice change of pace from the other entries (until the change in music takes us straight back to Eurovision); his dad's voice also sounds quite nice on the track (and Eurovision loves a good gimmick).

7. First Time - Tiziana

A beautiful tone to her voice (a gap we worried we'd feel since Claudia's win last year), this song sounds like a young person covering Bonnie Tyler's Eurovision entry in 2013.

6. We Can Run - Avenue Sky

Who doesn't love a boyband? Hopefully their performance is a bit more exciting than the song, which sounds a little bit like a half-arsed Lumineers cover. At least it's mass meeting ready.

5. Supernovas - Jasmine 

You know it's a well-crafted entry when you can already picture the staging during the competition. 

Jasmine's stunning voice shines through an upbeat ballad with a (verging on cheesy) uplifting message. Jasmine's second entry to the competition is a strong one. 

Even if it doesn't make it all the way to the top, can we nominate it as Malta's next Pride anthem?

4. Dai Laga - Aiden

A young new talent on the scene, Aiden's song has the kind of beat that'll make you want to move. And just like him this entry has a lot of potential. 

And before you Google that phrase, it's totally invented #SEOgenius. Also, you can have a Jamaican-themed beat without putting on that accent.

3. Back To Life - Eleanor

Almost as regular as Lawrence Gray, Eleanor has also thrown her hat in the rings several times. But this year she's mixed things up and sounds great.

The song is a departure for her, and as a long-time Eurovision fan I'm proud of how far she's come, while still staying true to her incredible voice.

2. Taboo - Christabelle

A strong entry by Christabelle, her instantly-recognisable voice compliments the contemporary beat of the song. We were hoping for a stronger climax, but her performances always tend to tie the whole thing together.

1. Heart Of Gold - Brooke

And as things stand the fan-favourite is Brooke. Offering up another radio-friendly song, Brooke moved away from her usual ballads to present a fun, well crafted song. 

When those harmonies hit on the pre-chorus... we're done. Some lyrics may need adjustment (please) but, it's easy to see why it's a fan favourite, and we're all for the cheeky lyrics about not getting laid.

Which is your favourite? Tell us in the comments on Facebook?

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