WATCH: Chiara Performs In Tel Aviv And Schools Eurovision Hopefuls On How It's Done

Those chorus belts are even stronger than 2005

Trends come and go but true talent is timeless - and that's exactly what Maltese powerhouse Chiara proved with her mesmerizing performance last Tuesday.

Singing at the Euroclub in Tel Aviv, Eurovision alum Chiara Siracusa moved hundreds of fans with her rendition of all-time-favourite Angel. Placing second with the song almost 15 years ago, Chiara's vocals haven't wavered over time, if anything they've only gotten stronger.

While everyone always waits for the biggest notes, there's no holding back from the start, and the incredible resonance on her "sunshine" note at 1:57 is all the proof we need that she remains firmly as the Eurovision queen.

Will anyone ever come close to beating her?

This year's hopeful participants may be inspired to push a little harder on stage as they watch Malta's diva sway while the crowd sings her lyrics back to her.

Regardless of how they feel, as an audience member it's good to see that while she was heavily underrated in her Eurovision return back in 2009 (What If We place painfully low?) - fans across the continent still stan Chiara.

And in case you forgot why she did so well, relive the moment right now.

On a scale of 99 to 100, how much do you love Chiara?

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