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WATCH: ‘I Need To Stand Up’ – Destiny Addresses Last Week’s Social Media Storm In Post-Performance Press Conference

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All smiles and still giddy from her success at last night’s Eurovision semi-final, Destiny stayed up a little longer than most of us yesterday for a post-show press conference. And it was here that the Maltese starlet managed to bag some more points with the audience.

Answering some questions from the press while draped in a Maltese flag, Destiny was quickly asked about her reaction to “many people online telling you what to do, what to wear” in the last week. “How does it feel now that you stayed true to yourself, and that made you go through to the final?” the journalist asked.

“You know what? To answer this question, I need to stand up,” Destiny says, smiling as she gets on her feet.

“I need to stand up because my song is all about female empowerment,” the young singer loudly and boldly claims. “It’s all about you beautiful women out there feeling empowered, feeling strong, feeling powerful, feeling beautiful.”

“This song is about me, but it’s not just about me,” she continues. “It’s about me, it’s about you, it’s about us.”

Destiny’s proud affirmation was quickly met with raucous applause that erupted in the entire press area, with her fellow dancers quickly standing up themselves.

And considering the awesome night of love she had just received, it really was the perfect way for Destiny to end her Tuesday.

Meanwhile, last night’s press conference also saw Destiny find out she’ll be playing in the first half of Saturday’s Grand Final.

All up to chance with the young singer choosing when a random selection stops, yesterday’s draw means Malta will be among the first 13 countries to perform on Saturday night.

A total of 26 entries will be participating during the final; 10 from last night, 10 from tomorrow’s semi-final, the host country (The Netherlands), and the so-called ‘Big Five’ – France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and current favourites Italy.

But as Malta hangs onto third place in the odds with a comfortable lead over the rest, comments like the loud and proud one Destiny made after her performance are only bound to help the island’s chances in a song contest like this.


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What do you make of Destiny’s comments last night? 

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