WATCH: Michela Pace's Entire Eurovision Journey Leading Up To Tonight's Semi-Final

It's been quite a ride!

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To quote a past Maltese Eurovision contestant, "this is the night, this is the night". Tonight, our Gozitan starlet Michela Pace will attempt to bring us some redemption after what one might call a 'lapse' in successful performances at the Eurovision song contest.

Because let's face it; our track record over the past five years has been questionable at best.


We first met Michela back in October 2018, when she auditioned for the first season of X Factor Malta

Her contemporary take on the classic track Total Eclipse of the Heart moved judge Ira Losco to tears, and even went viral on the X Factor Global page.

It was only uphill from there, and Michela became Malta's first X Factor winner, earning the chance to represent the island at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

After arriving in Tel Aviv last Monday, Michela has been posting a short video every day documenting her time there

Her first video was titled '1/14', but by day four it had become ''4/13', so I'm not sure what went wrong there.

Also, what happens if she doesn't make it past the semi-finals? Will she complete the 13-day video diary? We only ask the important questions here at Lovin Malta.

Anyway, day one included footage of Michela and her team travelling from Malta to Israel. It's not that exciting, but here it is anyway:

Day two is when things started to get exciting

They had their first rehearsal on the ESC stage, and Michela got to meet some other contestants. Later on in the evening, Team Malta had their first press release.

Days three and four seemed to include some leisure time and a chance explore Tel Aviv.

Michela and her dancers also held a bit of dance party on the beach.

Day five included more off-stage rehearsals, and some time to socialise with the other contestants

She even gave all the contestants that she met a lifetime pass to all Heritage Malta sites. Not bad at all.

Day six was Team Malta's second go on the ESC stage

And this was when they rehearsed the new performance and choreography after technical limitations forced them to make some changes. The rest of the day included a butt-load of interviews and press appearances.

Day seven included some more interviews and time outdoors before Michela got ready for the 'orange carpet' launch event.

The video for day eight followed Michela and her team on the Orange Carpet

As she worked-it in her Stella McCartney outfit, chatted with the press, and mingled with all the other contestant ahead of the first night of ESC semi-finals.

Day nine included a trip to the Dead Sea, sightseeing around Jerusalem and a performance of Chameleon on the Eurovillage stage.

And the footage for day 10 included all her final adventures before semi-final day

She performed her final rehearsal, and this is where the jury got to cast their vote on her performance. Their votes will then be added to the public votes tonight.

Michela will be representing Malta during tonight's second semi-final at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv

And will hopefully be moving on to Saturday night's final. Fingers crossed!

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