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These 4 Artists Could Finally Bring The Eurovision Title Home For Malta

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Eurovision 2021 has come and gone with Italy being crowned the winner of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest and Malta landing in seventh place.

Though this is our best entry since Chiara in 2005 and our first entry into the top 10 since Gianluca Bezzina in 2013, it is undeniable that people in Malta would love for the country to land our first win in the 33 years of participation.

So, as we look towards Italy hosting the contest (hopefully) in 2022, let’s take a look at some potential candidates that Malta could send to the contest.

For this list, we’re going to look at who has never been to Eurovision – because while it is always definitely possible for some Eurovision alumni to participate, like Destiny potentially entering the contest one day, it is far more interesting to see who else Malta has in its pool of musical talent.

1. Xtruppaw

Italy won this year’s contest with a rock band, so why not send another rock band to the contest in 2022, like the satirical rock band Xtruppaw? After all, as Måneskin said in their winning speech, “Rock’n’Roll never dies!”

Considering the group’s humourous, funny and lighthearted style of music they may perfectly fit the mould of a fun act to watch at the contest.

In all seriousness though, it may not be the best idea for us to send a rock act to the contest just after Italy’s win. It may seem both as a bad taste choice and a dated theme by that point – yet, regardless, there are definitely people calling for a group like Xtruppaw to go up.

However, honestly never say never. With the right song, staging and performance, anything can happen – and anything can resonate with an audience at the end of the day.

At this point, why shouldn’t we just experiment and try to be innovative and just do our own thing instead of trying (and unfortunately failing) to live up to expectations that are set by past contests?

2. The Travellers

Now, sending a group in and of itself is not a bad idea. A group with good charisma and that perform very well together can make all the difference.

Italy’s staging this year did not focus on flashy props or pyrotechnics as much as it did focus on capturing the classical vibe of a rock band in concert. One unique way Malta can send up a group act is The Travellers.

The Gozitan band are renowned for their style of music – offering a new twist with their Maltese-only songs. This Maltese-only music is also what could, potentially, give Malta a new and original spin that we’ve needed.

If we step away from our fear of sending songs in Maltese and trust in the talent and good vibes of a song, then perhaps we could get higher than a seventh-place – maybe even getting a win.

Ever since Ukraine’s 2016 win and Portugal’s 2017 win in the contest, songs in one’s native language is once more on the rise – this year’s winner is even a foreign language song.

Perhaps, Malta can show off the true beauty that our language has in music and even get a win for it.

3. Il-Kapxi

When it comes to Eurovision, it doesn’t hurt to not take the contest so seriously. Not only can it help with feeling extreme levels of disappointment when we do not win, yet it can let us have more fun with Eurovision again.

With that in mind, why not send something more light-hearted and also wholesome. Why not stoke the flames of debate in Europe just like it did with Malta’s Got Talent and send an act like Kapxi?

His outrageous acts can definitely stoke up audiences, offering us a perfect opportunity to capture the hearts of Europe with an act that is sure to fit into Eurovision’s quirkier side.

Technically speaking, according to the official Eurovision rules, the contest is a song contest – which means that whatever act you send does need to have lyrics to some extent. But, no one has ever really defined exact specifics.

Alexander Rybak’s win for Norway in 2009 was an act that had lyrics yet also a lot of violin playing. Malta could combine something more traditional in terms of the song combined with the sounds of fireworks fit with actual pyrotechnics firing out across the 2022 stage.

4. Emma Muscat

So far, according to the trends we have seen with Eurovision in the past few years, Malta’s biggest pitfall is getting the public to actually vote for our song.

Destiny only got 47 points in the televoting, and while this is more than double the amount of points that Michela got in 2019’s contest, we definitely need to get more public votes.

With the contest in Italy next year, perhaps sending someone who has a foothold in the country’s fanbase is not a bad idea. Emma Muscat finished fourth place in Amici di Maria de Filippi and signed a deal with Warner Music Italy through it.

Thus, Italian audiences would be at least somewhat familiar with her. Furthermore, she also has experience with performing on big stages given her appearances in Isle of MTV in 2018 and 2019 and has released songs with numerous European artists.

There is even precedence for Emma to go up to Eurovision, with leading figures within the music industry in Malta noting that she may be our next best choice with potential entrants to Eurovision.

Though she has previously ruled out taking part in Eurovision in the near future, never say never. Anything can happen and perhaps one day we can see Emma rocking it out on the Eurovision stage – whether it is in Italy or beyond.

Who do you think Malta could send to Eurovision? Let us know in the comments

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