11 Makeup Mistakes Maltese People Make

*Fashion disaster alert*

Miranda Makeup

Make-up is very important to many, so it is incredible how some Maltese people manage to create such disastrous results. Here are some of the most common errors among Maltese makeup lovers.

1. Having eyeliner which almost reaches your hair-line


Cat-eye turned bat-eye.

2. Eyebrows very much off fleek


Filling in your eyebrows so much that you look like you have a unibrow.

3. Too much highlight to handle

It Burns

You don’t have to blind anyone who looks at you just show off your shiny-ass cheekbones. 

4. Overlining the fuck out of your lips


Usually accompanied by massive hula hoop earrings, this look usually comes with a pack of similar fish-looking overliners.

5. Clumpy mascara

Mascara In Mirror

Your eyelashes may be flawless underneath, but when you have a ton of mascara on them, and they clump together like you’re some monster that just crawled out of a well, that's not going to come across.

6. Going crazy with that contour


Contouring manages to accentuate features in your face, but Maltese people seem to think that they have absolutely no features to accentuate, so they have to compensate with the excessive amount of contour they smudge onto their faces.

7. The grannies who wear red lipstick with blue eyeshadow

Queen Of Hearts

Being a floater has never been more subtle.

8. Foundation much darker than your skin tone

Toddlers In Tiaras

We get it, Maltese people have a tan, but not that much of a tan… and not just on your face.

9. Wanting to look like the Kardashians, but end up looking like you just walked out of Tal-Lira


If you want the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit just get it, or find a similar product in a slightly lower price range. Don't go off on the cheap shit and try to pass if off as 'a look'.

10. Dark lip-liner with a light shade of lipstick

Kid Makeup

This isn’t junior art class. You shouldn’t make your lips look like a three year old’s drawing. 

11. Cool it with the glitter

Dance All Night

Hey, here's some friendly advice: the party should be wherever you’re going, not on your eyelids.

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