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How To Dress For Malta’s Glorious Springtime

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Spring in Malta is arguably the best season of them all. You can leave the house without cursing the humidity that makes your bones ache with cold, but you can also get to your car without an unattractive patch of sweat seeping through your t-shirt – perfect middle ground. 

The temperature does change quite a lot from day to night though. So here’s a few tips to keep in mind when you’re dressing for spring in Malta.

1. Denim is your friend

Denim is known to be a cool (we’re talking temperature here) fabric, so it’s perfect as a cover-up that won’t make you feel too balmy.

2. Anything sheer or lacy is going to work

Giving the crowd a sneak peak at that non-so-distant future summer bod, whilst keeping yourself as warm as you need to be.

3. A killer one-piece is essential

There will be days hot enough to get into the sea, but when you do a one-piece will say ‘spring’ so much more than a bikini.

4. Switch to lighter fabrics 

Silk, linen, chiffon, cupro – they’re all going to work perfectly in spring.

5. But remember – layers are everything

Be ready for that slight temperature drop at night by giving yourself a range of different stages of coverage.

6. Your shades will have to be on point

Because most, if not all, of the days will be sunny AF.

7. Ditch dark colours

And instead go for bold and/or pastel.

8. Colourful accessories are a must

There’s no actual physical benefit with this except for looking amazing. 

9. Jumpsuits and overalls are a good idea

Because if there’s an ideal season for exploring the islands, it’s spring. 

10. Canvas shoes are a must

Forgo the eternal debate in your mind about whether you should wear sandals or not. Just pick an breathable shoe fabric and you’re good to go. 

11. Be ready with a slouchy sweater

Because a breeze has been known to pick up.

12. And/or a light-weight jacket

See above. 

13. The most important thing to wear?

Sunblock. If you’re out for a day you will get burned. Protect yourself and make sure you only get a sun-kissed look.

Tag a friend you know is coming over to Malta this spring!

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