Luzzus And Maltese Fishermen Feature In Huge International Shoot With Dutch Model

They totally upstaged her

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Malta's character shines through in yet another Cosmopolitan UK photoshoot produced by London-based LUMI Productions, and this time, it's all about that authentic Maltese lifestyle... with a generous helping of designer fashion.

"We wanted the vibe of the shoot to be more typically Maltese, hence the backdrops," LUMI's André Schlagowski explained. While it had the same team as the other shoot (down to the same stylist, Amy Bannerman), this shoot featured designer brands like Mulberry. It did also include a very bright pair of yellow Crocs though, which definitely managed to blend in.

"The fishermen were more than happy to pose for the shoot!" André said, and it sure shows in the finished product; they look like they were born camera-ready.

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The 2017 shoot features 21-year-old Dutch model Isabel Scholten, who was the cover of Vogue Girl in Korea when she was just 15 years old. Speaking of popular international models, André also divulged how Chelsey Weimar, who recently featured in another LUMI-produced Cosmopolitan UK shoot in Malta, actually used to date Leonardo DiCaprio!

The photographer behind the shoot, Jane McLeish-Kelsey, has worked on big projects before with A&R Creative, including shoots for Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Lacoste and Nicole Kidman.

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LUMI Productions also sent Lovin Malta a couple of behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot which took place all over the islands, perhaps most notably at the beautiful Riviera Beach at Għajn Tuffieħa.

The photos definitely helped us conclude that those Maltese fishermen are effortlessly photogenic, casually sitting next to a young international model in a sequin dress and looking just as awesome.

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Of course, let's not forget the other stars of the show; the beautiful old traditional luzzu, and that absolutely gorgeous Maltese backdrop.

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