Maltese Blogger Left Speechless After Finding Out Zara Might've Printed Her Face On New Jacket

After Kristina Zammit got tonnes of messages saying the photo on the jacket was definitely her, there was only one thing left to do...

Kristina Zammit Zara Jacket Lovin Malta

Have you ever wished to model for some of the biggest fashion brands on the planet? Well, one Maltese blogger has just one-upped that dream, having her actual face featured on the back of a new Zara jacket. And the best (read: most confusing) part? She had no idea it was actually happening.

"This past week, I started getting photos sent to me of this denim jacket found in Zara, asking if it's me," Kristina Zammit, a London-based blogger, told Lovin Malta. "So I posted about it and my Instagram blew up with people basically saying that it was definitely me and even asking me whether it was a custom-made jacket!"

Even though Kristina couldn't get an official confirmation, a lot of people are convinced that the face on the jacket is her. And to be fair, the resemblance is uncanny

Kristina Zammit Zara Dress Comparison Lovin Malta

"I still don’t know if this is my face or if I have a twin out there," Kristina continued. "But I also have a jumper exactly like the one in the photo, same colour and all. And I've never had such a huge response on a post before. So many people reached out saying it's definitely me!"

After all the messages she kept receiving, there was only one thing left for Kristina to do... head to Zara herself

"I went to Zara to check it out for myself," she told Lovin Malta. "I asked for the jacket with my face on, and I bought it! I just had to get it."

"You know Zara, I'll work it," Kristina wrote on Instagram. "But I would've appreciated a heads up about using my photo on the back of this."

But beyond the subtle shade, Kristina is not really mad at the international fashion giants.

"It's just a really funny situation," she finished.

What do you make of this incident? Let us know in the comments and tag someone who'd love to have their face printed on a jacket!

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