Maltese Designers to Look Out For at Malta Fashion Week 2016

Talent on the island is not in short supply

Fashion Week

With the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week just two days away, it's time to get on board the fashion hype train. There's loads of talented Maltese designers to look out for on this year's catwalk, and we've got you covered.

Adalia B

Adalia B

Adalia B will be presenting headpieces inspired by nature, and the freedom of creativity and art. Each piece is handmade, and a work of art in itself.

Ritienne Zammit


Presenting Je Suis AW16, Ritienne's brand is famous for having precise tailoring, offbeat construction details and strong political messages. This year's collection aims to shed a different light on those with obsessions or addictions, and to fight the judgement usually associated with them. 



Marco Parascandalo is known for his unique take on street wear. This year's collection is set to be as riveting as his previous ones, staying true to his local roots and experimental style.

Carla Grima

Carla Grima Final

Carla specialises in creating beautiful pieces using watercolour techniques, photography and digital technology. She will be presenting Ophelia at this year's Fashion Week, a hand dyed, summer collection drenched in Mediterranean sunshine.



Bringing a mythological feel to the show, Gaetano will be presenting Nymph, a collection inspired by powerful women embracing their femininity.



Dark and dazzling, Nilara’s latest collection is aptly titled Insomnia. It seeks to explore the sensuality of women through her extraordinary vision of the female form.

Natasha Meli

Natasha Meli

Presenting Punk by Sequin, Natasha strongly feels that designing from the heart always brings honesty to any garment. 

Saz Mifsud

Saz Mifsud

Pollen's Poetry by Saz explores the concept of using the ephemeral qualities of flowers and plants to inspire silk prints that will last forever. 



As a designer, Désirée finds the concept of symmetry to be tedious and unnatural. She believes nature is relaxing and beautiful because nothing in it is symmetrical. 

Lukka Pizzuto


This is the third time Lukka is showcasing at MFWA, this year with his collection named Night Mist aimed at both women and men. The collection this year will be based on black and blue with garments such as blazers, waistcoats and a dress with a reclaimed vintage touch.

Maria Cutajar 

Maria Cutajar

The aim of Maria's collections is that pieces can be mixed and matched, worn in different ways both smart casual and also elegant. Summer Breeze is a fresh collection with colourful patterns. 

Nathan Micallef


Currently studying at the London College of Fashion, Nathan aims to give a small glimpse of what his brand is and will be in the future. This particular collection showcases a vast range of silhouettes that will show his journey of getting to this point in his career. 

Malcolm Cremona

Malcolm Cremona

Malcolm's collection is all about woman power and how women can not only show how beautiful and sexy they can be but can also convey inspirational messages for life though their garments.

Gabrielle Fenech


Gabrielle's collection has taken inspiration from lingerie cuts and materials such as strap elastic and sliders, used in a new decorative form. Overall, the collection accentuates the wearer’s body, while making them feel unique and glamorous, whether on a tropical holiday, a yachting weekend or simply by the pool or seaside in the summer.

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