Maltese Fashion Designer Posts Online Plea After Losing Sketchbook Full Of Designs On Bus

The book also has notes and sketches for an upcoming collection

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Luke Azzopardi might only be 25 years old, but he's slowly established himself as one of Malta's top fashion designers. The young Gozitan creative frequently shares photos of his beautiful outfits and dresses, but yesterday saw him post some unfortunate news. 

On his way to Dingli on a 10am bus, Azzopardi forgot his sketchbook. In it, he had some of his recent work. Unfortunately, the book also included a lot of notes and sketches for his upcoming couture collection, On The Museum's Ruins, which is slated for launch in three months' time.

"They're mostly very quick, rough fashion illustrations in pencil," Luke told Lovin Malta. "It's all ramblings that only I can understand, but they're all very important."

Some of Luke's designs have already been photocopied and turned into digital drawings to be put into productions, but some of the designs had not gone through that process yet. "Some of the stuff on there might be lost forever unless I get it back," he said.

Luke is willing to offer anyone who finds his sketchbook an all-area access pass at his next show, along with invites. 

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