8 Halloween Costume Ideas With A Maltese Twist

Boooo-mba man!

Maltese Ghost

Halloween is, unfortunately, not too big here in Malta. However, like most things, if it has a bit more of a Maltese flair to it, more people might join in the fun.

Seeing as there's only a couple of days to go, here are some ideas on how to spice up your costume this year with a little bit of a Maltese touch.

1. The Bidnija Witch

Dcg Witch

An old one, but one that we don't feel has been used quite enough. It's one thing to say it, but this is your opportunity to be in DCG's shoes. 

Bonus Costume Idea: Shout random insults at whoever happens to be wearing red on the night. It's Halloween so you'll have your work cut out for you.

2. Michelle Phelps

Screen Shot 2016 09 24 At 12 29 15 Pm

Relive one of the nation's most memorable moments of 2016 by dressing up as the channel-crossing First Lady herself. A simple yet effective costume idea. 

Bonus Costume Idea: If you wanted a group costume idea, consider having 3-4 friends dress up as jellyfish and constantly follow you. 

3. Pregnant Ira with Alien Chestburster

Ira Seventh Wonder

Well...Halloween is meant to be scary, right? So what better way to live up to the holiday spirit than to combine one of this year's most covered news stories with the original sci-fi horror movie? Takes a little bit more time to pull of make-up wise, but is definitely worth the effort. Instant shock value.
Bonus Costume Idea: If couple costumes are more your thing, then your significant other can dress up as a Zombie Chef. Aaand you're both sorted, you're welcome.

4. DIY Hugo

Enrique Hugo

This one's for all you lazy buggers who don't want to stitch together a costume, but still want to make a slight effort. Basically, just print out all the fake dollar bills you can, and then repeat the process about four other times till you're still way off the reality of it all... And just stick them all over whatever you're wearing. Bam. 

Bonus Costume Ideas: Print out contracts for some of his soon-to-be investments. Works wonders.

5. The Many Faces of Montesin


A history of Eileen throughout the years as told via group costume. Taking you through all the different TV series protagonists and beautiful cameo appearances.

Dibs on 2006 Carnival Float Introducing Eileen:

6. The Potato Scarecrow

Potato Man

This one was just staring right at us. Combine an immortal image of horror with a modern cult classic, and violà - I have Halloween blood in my veins.

7. The MIDI Monstrosity

Akira Mutant

A tough one to pull off, but can be a showstopper and extremely topical if successful. Think Tetsuo's horrible transformation from the 1988 cult classic Akira (or any second of any Dragon Ball episode), and add more skyscrapers, office buildings and "exclusive residential spaces" coming out of random parts of your body.

Bonus Costume Ideas: This can be elevated into a huge group costume idea, with a couple of people dressed up as police offers acting as bodyguards for the night in a tight circle around you and another group dressed up as dirty hippies fighting to get to your inner circle. Oh, the sociopolitical commentary you'll inspire mid-party.

8. Dun Benit The Exorcist

Freegifmaker Me 29Wq H

Thanks to the recent viral resurrection of Dun Benit, this costume is back on the table. Minimal effort, maximum terror: who wouldn't be afraid of a smiling priest coming at you in the middle of the night on a bicycle?

Which costume will you and your friends be taking on? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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