Now You Can Become The Mermaid You Were Born To Be Thanks To This New Maltese Company

Take that, Ariel


A Maltese company called The Mermaids Club (a real thing) is giving all the not-so-grown-up children of Malta the chance to live life as a mermaid. Yes please.

Customers will have the opportunity to don a mermaid suit and dive into the Mediterranean Sea from Malta, Gozo or Comino. They'll let you do anything from photoshoots to renting out mermaids for birthday celebrations or festivals.


And if you're not ready to part ways with the magic they also sell bikinis and mono-fins to take the magic home.


And remember, it's not just girls who can have fun being one of the merpeople - local photographer Kris Micallef has shown everyone just how much potential Maltese men have as a deep-sea beauties.

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Chucky Bartolo

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