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Show Your True Colours With The Newest Maltese Fashion Brand

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You know that feeling you get when you go out and everyone is wearing the same type of clothes? 

Where’s the originality, the personality, the expression?

That’s what one Maltese fashion designer was thinking when she decided to set up her own fashion brand. 

Naaxha is the newest and most colourful Maltese designer brand to hit the island. The designer and model behind the bespoke brand, Natasha Bonnici, told Lovin Malta that she wanted her clothes to express the wearer’s personality.

“My pieces are for people that they are ready to try something different to try to lighten up their days by wearing something colourful, clothes which will make their day brighter,” says Natasha. 

Her inspiration, interestingly enough for the modern and contemporary feel of her clothes, comes from nature. 

“My main inspiration was always nature as I grew up in a farm,” she says. “I always felt a strong connection with it, it always calmed me down and made me realise that we are part of something much bigger than what we think. I believe colours are the smiles of nature.”

She goes back to those early days. “Fashion and colours were my passion, even when I was young. I used to stay home in front of the mirror, mixing and trying different outfits and cutting cloths and just trying to make them look different.”

The pieces are made for people who want to wear their hearts on their sleeves and shine in the middle of a crowd. Eye-catching and loud, anyone wearing these pieces will have all eyes on them.

“I know that my pieces are not for everyone since not everyone feels confident wearing colours, but there is no age limit for colours. Once you start adding some extra colours to your outfit people will start noticing you more, and – it’s sometimes unbelievable – but people will start smiling at you more. It’s like colours transmit a positive vibe,” she beams.

“I want my clothes to be worn by people that have a young mind, wild heart and a free soul. There is no age limit – just passion and style.”

Each piece is handmade by Natasha herself, meaning that most pieces are unique as she only makes one of each. You’ll never have to worry about someone else wearing the your dress to the party ever again.

“Most of my pieces are made once, and that’s it. So you will not see it on another person,” she says. “I don’t want to have a lot of copies of the same piece – I want my customers to feel special when they buy a piece of mine. I want them to know that what they paid for is not going to be seen anywhere else – except on them. That will make them feel beautiful and confident.”

While the majority of her portfolio is a one-time-only piece, unique and special, she will be making some pieces “between three to five times.”

Having just launched her brand this week, currently “my pieces can be bought from Facebook, but very soon we will launch the website as well,” she says.

Until then, she will be “staying locked in my studio just creating stuff. There is not one piece that I don’t want to keep for myself – but I can’t. But thats what I love about what I do – it’s my passion, its my life, and every piece is made with super-extra love,” she ends.

You can catch Naaxha on the TV programme Ilsien in-Nisa this Thursday. 

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