Malta Features Prominently In International Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

With a beautiful model to match the backdrop

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This weekend's Cosmopolitan UK magazine had a cute surprising waiting for its Maltese fans; a photoshoot in Malta's beautiful countryside. 

The person who spotted the easily-recognisable rubble walls and bajtar tax-xewk backdrop searched for the stylist behind the shoot, Amy Bannerman, who confirmed the shoot's location for her latest story on the popular magazine.

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London-based LUMI Productions were yet again behind the production of this shoot, which is set against anything from a poppy field to a rocky beach, and features Dutch model Chelsey Weimar who's currently based in New York. Weimar and Bannerman shared some memories from the shoot on Instagram, along with a hilarious retelling of how they were apparently chased out of a field by an old farmer and his dog.

The stylist also shared a behind the scenes video of Chelsey when the shoot was done, fooling around in a quiet country road with a bunch of Cape Sorrel.

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