This Company Is The Reason Malta Features In So Many International Photo Shoots

And their list of clients is as impressive as it gets

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LUMI Productions is a London based production company that specialises in producing photo shoots on the Maltese Island. That's literally all they do, and they've gotten incredibly good at it.

The company has produced around 15 shoots in 2016 alone, and their list of past clients is insane. Vogue, Speedo, Pandora, John Lewis, Marie Claire magazine, RED Magazine, OK! Magazine, Hello! Magazine and the Daily Mail are but a few of the companies that have worked with LUMI to produce shoots around Malta, and the results are amazing:

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Founded by fashion PR agency co-owner André Schlagowsk (who's married to a Maltese) and TV producer Lexy Stingl (who is half-Maltese and half-German), LUMI has close ties with our country and have together amassed over 30 years of production experience. The company's head offices are based in London and Malta, and their team takes care of everything from location scouting and accommodation to catering and equipment hire. 

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LUMI is also the production company responsible for that stunning shoot in Valletta for the up-and-coming publication Myself magazine.

They have already divulged with us that they have quite a few shoots coming up in 2017, so look out for even more beautiful and prestigious shots of Malta in the coming months!

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