This Maltese Handmade Jewellery Line Is Quite Literally A Gem

Amethyst bracelets and pyrite pendants are just the tip of the shiny iceberg

Libertalia Cover

If you're looking for a unique birthday gift for a friend or are a fan of all things gem stones, you need to check out Libertalia.

A handmade jewellery line set up by pirate aficionado Jeremy Grech, the Maltese brand specialises in unique pieces from all the gemstones and crystals you could think of.

Inspired by the mythical land of Libertalia (a free colony set up by the most famous of pirates as a safe haven of free trade), Jeremy creates beautiful wearable items that can even be customised upon request.

There's also a good amount of gemstone and crystal trivia on the site, so you can read up on all the gems available to you before you make a choice!

Here are some of our favourite Libertalia items just in case you needed some inspiration.

A piece of Kyanite to help you with communication

Labradorite for strength and perseverance

Black Touurmaline to protect you from negative energy

Black onyx beads with a Pirate-y twist

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