Top Maltese Designer's Fashion Show Will Make You Clutch Your Pearls And Grab Your Credit Card

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Photo: Kris Micallef

The last few years have seen Malta's fashion scene propelled forward at lightning speed, and the work of Luke Azzopardi has been an instrumental force in pushing boundaries and opening new doors since its founding in 2013.

But this year the brand has gone above and beyond with its collection.

Hosted in the beautiful halls of the National Archeological Museum, On the Museum’s Ruins is described as a "fashion project exploring the cultural status of the masoleumification of the art object". The set was constructed by Andrew Borg Wirth and featured decor found at Camilleri Paris Mode.

Drawing heavy inspiration from the poetry of Keats, specifically 'Isabella and the Pot of Basil', the fashion show dove head-first into the challenge of marrying contemporary fashion with established literature and the "romantic preoccupation with torment and nostalgia".

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28 pieces were featured on the runway last Friday in front of an audience of fashion lovers, fashion critics, friends, family and fans of Azzopardi. 

This project was supported by Malta Arts Funds - Project Support Grant by Arts Council Malta, as well as the Parliamentary Secretariat for Consumer Protection & V18.

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