Valletta Has A Clothing Brand Named After It, And We Have Some Questions

Looks like 'European Capital of Culture' was just the beginning

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Malta's capital has had a couple of intense years in the spotlight. With everything set to go down in the European Capital of Culture this year, Valletta might suddenly be attracting a lot of attention from a completely different place... the fashion world.

You know how sometimes, you go on a random clicking-spree of the first thing that crops up on your browser, only to realise a couple of hours later that you have no idea where you are? Well, this is one of those stories.

Say hello to Valletta Clothing

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OK, we've only gotten to the first photo and we already have some questions.

The Japanese site is, in their own words, a "melting point for all fashion geek", and if that only made you more confused, you're not alone.

The site is definitely overwhelming, throwing everything from long cardigans to duffel coats at users at a fast scrolling speed. What does shine bright, however, is that "Valletta" every couple of seconds.

Valletta Clothing is the latest in a line of cheap, online Japanese clothing stores currently doing the rounds, but with a name like that, it's sure to attract a whole lot of attention from people Googling something completely different.

There's a Valletta Clothing app, a Valletta look book, and don't forget the Valletta Street Mode. A random page greets users with "Do you know Street Mode?" Well, if we're being honest, website, we can't say we do.

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A quick browse through the catalog quickly reveals the truth behind the name. 

The Japanese site sells pieces which weirdly resemble other, much more expensive clothing brands. Everything from Guess to Comme Des Garcons is echoed in the look book, and of course, let's not forget about those notorious dress-length t-shirts.

The brand also has a dedicated Instagram account, and even though it only has 148 followers, you've got to hand it to the owners for taking that coveted valletta_official_vlt username. Sorry Valetta 2018; cheap streetwear knockoffs got there first. Oh and yeah, in case you were wondering, valletta_official is also taken.

The brand's Instagram feed carries the same vibe, from a bright red hoodie with the words Stimulating (looking awfully similar to the Supreme logo) on the front,  to a fully-fledged flame-arms sweatshirt.

So there you have it guys; if you love Valletta so much, why not take it from the European capital of culture to the global capital of fashion?

All it takes is a quick purchase from a random Japanese streetwear store, and you're done.

Tag someone you can easily imagine wearing these clothes!

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