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Father’s Day Is Just A Week Away, So Here Are 7 Great Things You Can Do With Your Dad Around Malta

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You may think you’ve got loads of time to sort out your Father’s Day gift before Sunday the 16th June (I mean, literally just a week), but we would place bets that come the eve of Saturday the 15th, you’ll be swearing like a scurvy-ridden sailor as you drive deeper and deeper into the densest traffic jam of your life to get some semblance of a gift before the next day’s family lunch.

We want to help you avoid that, so here’s a bunch of gift ideas that you can sort out as soon as possible, AKA right now, without even having to leave your room.

1. Book an Escape Room sesh

The idea of spending an hour locked in a room with your dad trying to find an intellectual, logic-driven way to escape basically sounds like most family lunches in a regular Maltese home.

But some peeps have actually put a price-tag on it and called it a game, and it’s sure as hell not the worst way to bond with your dad on his special day.

2. Spend a day at Malta’s Aviation Museum

Yes, this is a thing that exists, and it needs your patronage!

So why not pump a very modest injection of cash into one of the islands’ least hyped cultural attractions, whilst spending some quality time discovering some bad-ass aviation gear with your history-loving dad? Two birds, one convenient stone.

3. Flyboard your way through his special day

Yes, this strange hydro-propelled machine that will make you fly on water looks like a unnecessarily extreme way to big up your dad on his dedicated day.

But hey, if you can make it through a flyboarding session without killing yourself or each other, we’re guessing that’s a home-run on the bond-strengthening front.

4. Test your deep-sea-legs together

Who says Father’s Day gifts have to be one-offs? Why not get your dad a recurring present this year? It’s not like he hasn’t given you love, support, protection and – let’s face it – cash, on a regular basis.

Why not splurge (or pool in with your siblings) for a set of diving lessons for you and him? Go on, submerge into underwater bonding!

5. Go old school: take him to the cinema

True, this might not engender the best context for deep-conversational moments, but if your dad is more of a strong, silent type – or just silent type – why not play to that particular strength?

Head to your nearest cinema website and order some tickets in advance. And yes, you should also buy the popcorn.

6. Buy him all the meat

Yes, we do mean meat.

Head down to your local butcher and buy two of their finest cuts of steak, ask them the best way to cook them, and then tell your dad to leave his BBQ tongs / other steak-making paraphernalia at the door come Sunday the 16th. Because nothing says “I love you dad” like the scent of chargrilled beef.

7. Encourage him to ‘man up‘ with you

Go back to basics with your hard-working dad and book the two of you (if you’re also a male) a place at the two-day wellness retreat taking place in Gozo.

The ManUp event aims to re-establish a sense of togetherness and support for men by men, allowing them to disconnect from their day-to-day lives. The event will consist of talks, activities and light exercise that will allow for a greater sense of awareness of oneself and other men in society. This one is for all the woke dads out there, so if yours is one – get booking.


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