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Festivals, Exhibitions And Debates: 12 Events Happening In Malta This Weekend

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March’s second weekend is set to be another very busy one in Malta, with something for everyone up on offer over the next couple of days.

The weekend will be starting early with some events kicking off today, most notably of course International Women’s Day celebrations. With multiple things going down over 72 hours, you might be confused as to where to start. Well, here are some events around Malta you might want to check out this weekend.

Thursday 8th March

A Women’s Day March in the capital

Women’s Rights FoundationGender Equality Malta – GEMMen Against Violence, Moviment Graffitti and Integra Foundation will be walking alongside each other down Republic Street this afternoon to denounce violence against women and all forms of sexism. 

The congregation will meet at 5:30pm at City Gate, and will be gathering at Maori Bar at around 8pm for some drinks and music.

A local artist’s debut show all about Malta’s changing aesthetics

Dubbed Ħagraisland, Maltese artist Isaac Azzopardi’s first show is a collection of reflections about the changing aesthetics of the island. 

“Through the use of construction material, appropriation and rubbing techniques, the show revolves around three main references,” Isaac said. “Austin Camilleri’s installation Stones from 1999, as Maltese contemporary art canon, Anselm Kiefer’s ideas about art as alchemy and Malta’s changing urbanity.” If that sounds like something you’d be into, head down to Palazza de La Salle in Valletta for the opening tonight.

If you can’t make it today, don’t worry; the exhibition will be open throughout the rest of the month.

Friday 9th March

A nostalgic night all about emo

Remember when half the population used to wear skin-tight pants, Eastpak backpacks, black t-shirts with skulls on them and My Chemical Romance were one of the hottest bands in the world?

Well, this Friday is all about reliving all of that, with a generous dose of self-awareness and irony.

Time to bring that XS band tee and those black and red elbow-high gloves out of the wardrobe again.

A discussion on the freedom of press in Malta by Malta’s prominent journalists

Following a theatrical performance of En Folkefiende – An Enemy of the People, a panel of representatives from Malta’s four major local media houses – The Malta Independent, The Times of Malta, MaltaToday and Lovin Malta – will be discussing freedom of press in the country.

The annual architectural bash with an added dose of electro

Archoholics is always a night to remember for both Maltese architecture students and enthusiasts of local music, and this year is no exception.

Bringing together some big names in the Maltese electronic scene, this year’s edition of the party sees Liquid hosting A / PNoyarkNioxin Vitae and KNTRL.

You’d better hurry though – tickets are selling out like hotcakes.

A standard hip hop night on Manoel Island

The fifth edition of A Thing Called Hip Hop has a very ambitious goal, but it’s sticking to it. 

They’re going to run people through everything from the birth of the popular genre all the way to what’s hip and happening right now. And it’s happening at the Funky Monkey, so you just know it’s going to be a long and busy one.

The fourth edition of one of Malta’s biggest metal festivals

Metal Over Malta is back!

With a two-day festival at Buskett’s Chateau (along with a pre-party on Thursday at the Funky Monkey), this festival is definitely for metalheads, by metalheads.

With fourteen bands lined up, this is guaranteed to satisfy all the island’s lovers of heavy music.

The official music video launch of the country’s newest Maltese-speaking band

If you love local bands like The Travellers, then SterjoTipi should definitely be on you radar. In a bar on the newly-reinvigorated Strait Street, the band will officially be launching the music video to their track BELTi. 

“It narrates the story of a boy, now a grown man, who still remembers the city of his childhood days, indeed a time he wishes he could go back to,” the band said of their track and accompanying video. “Although the lyrics speak of the author’s personal experiences, the song appeals to anyone who holds the city and its unique character dear.”

Sounds like perfect timing for the European Capital of Culture.

Saturday 10th March

A British jam-band’s Maltese debut alongside some local favourites

European-touring Dirty Flowers came together four years ago as part of the British underground jam scene.

This Saturday, they’ll be joining experimental locals The PlaKard Project for a night of fun and music.

Celebrating a brand new genre for the very first time

Yep, you read that right.

Over the past couple of years, teenage hip hop artists from all over the world have been experimenting with new sounds and visuals, uploading their tracks onto music hosting sites like Soundcloud. This has witnessed the birth of what many people are calling ‘cloud rap’, an underground sound that’s been steadily going from strength to strength.

This Saturday marks one of the first times the new genre will be celebrated, so if samples of heavy songs from the 00s mixed in with hip hop verses sound like your cup of tea, then you can’t miss this one.

Two foreign DJs bringing their magic to the island

Martin Landsky and Lee Van Dowski will be performing at Sky Club in Paceville this weekend as part of an initiative by Raven Music Agency and Inmates

Also featuring he two agencies’ resident DJs, the night will definitely climax into Landsky’s performance of his 2006 hit 1000 Miles, which is considered one of tech-house’s biggest classics.

A classic techno night at the hub of it all

Liquid has become synonymous with an undying techno scene as strong as the nights it hosts, and Unfocused is at the heart of it all.

Featuring sets by Owen Jay and Brian James, the night will also see a live performance by analogue heavyweights Parallaks

Sunday 11th March

Relax; you’ve earned it

It’s going to be a long and very eventful weekend, so use Sunday to just chill out. 

Go for a walk in the countryside, make the most of the fresh sunny days by organising a picnic… or rot away in bed if that’s more your kind of thing.

Tag someone you’re going to be spending the weekend with!

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