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‘To Catch A Spy’: Check Out Hallmark’s Mystery Film Based In ‘Beautiful Malta’ With Local Actors

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The latest addition to your never-ending movies to watch list, To Catch a Spy, a Hallmark TV film that takes place on our very own island with a host of Maltese actors, is out now.

“A travel writer witnesses a murder at a hotel in Malta and becomes ensnared in a web of intrigue and espionage as she tries to find the killer before the killer finds her,” the preview description ominously detailed.

The film was directed by Jeff Beesley and written by Rick Garman. It stars Nathalie Kelley, Patti Murin and Colin Donnell who referred to the country as “beautiful Malta”.

It was filmed in various Maltese spots and a whopping 90% of the cast and crew were Maltese. The local talent included: Clare Agius, Michael Basmadjian, Gianni Selvaggi, Antonella Axisa, Becky Camilleri, Jonathan Dunn, Joe Azzopardi, Edward Thorpe, Erica Muscat, Paul Portelli and Michelle Martin.

The suspenseful mystery picture followed the arrival of a journalist Chloe (Kelley), who is covering the opening of a hotel in Malta. On her first night on the island, Chloe witnesses someone fall to their death after hearing a fight ensue in the next room.

Chloe then finds herself helping an FBI agent (Donnell) to solve the mystery and catch the killer.

To Catch A Spy had a budget of €2 million and it was produced by Agnes Bristow, Colin Azzopardi, Borga Dorter and associate producer Christopher Landry.

Prepare to be swooned because in a behind the scenes of this action-packed movie, star Donnell said that the film is a “love letter to the beautiful sounds, sights and people of Malta”.

The film premiered on 20th June.

Will you be watching this ode to “beautiful Malta”?

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