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WATCH: One Man’s Story Of Building An Independent Paradise Is On Netflix… And Malta Is Its Stunning Backdrop

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Imagine building your very own island to create your own independent paradise of freedom far away from any government. One Italian did exactly and the wild adventure of this short-lived micronation has made to Netflix… and Malta’s the vessel for the film’s stunning locations.

Kept back by the banality of bureaucracy Italian engineer Giorgio Rosa funded the construction of a 400-square-metre platform nestled outside territorial waters off the coast of Rimini.

Supported by nine pylons, Insulo de la Rozoj (Rose Island) had a restaurant, bar, nightclub, souvenir shop and a post office. Some reports even say it had its own radio station.

Exploiting a loophole in the law, the platform declared independence on 24 June 1968 with Rosa as self-declared President. It had its own currency and stamps.

With police and government out of sight, Rose Island became a haven for freedom, gripping the entire nation.

Unsurprisingly, the government was not amused – unleashing the full force of its might onto the tiny nation. We won’t spoil the conclusion, but make sure you check it out on Netflix.

The film is a fresh insight into a forgotten relic of liberalism and Malta is the stunning backdrop for the island. All scenes out on the island were shot at Malta Film Studios with local film crew recreating the engineering marvel.

Check out the behind the scenes look of the film down below:

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