Filming Popeye In Malta Was Apparently One Massive Drug Fest

Ain't no party like a Popeye party

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The beloved 1980 children's film, "Popeye", filmed in Anchor Bay, Mellieħa was apparently a multi-week drug buffet of hedonism behind the scenes. 

In the 2010 documentary "Who Is Harry Nilson (And Why Is Everyone Talkin' About Him)?" Robin Williams, and Monty Python legend Eric Idle reflected on the filming of "Popeye" in Malta. The legends of comedy revealed how the now permanent, family friendly film set was once a Dionysian ode to drug-induced debauchery, and Malta - the production team's personal party island.

"Big connection in Popeye, big in Malta," Robin Williams said of his first film. "It's almost like being a veteran, surviving Popeye."

"[Director] Robert Altman thought it was a good idea to take all the musicians to Malta, which is a crazy idea, because they just took all the drugs in the Middle East with them," Eric Idle laughed. "It just became this huge party - people were lucky to have gotten out alive!"

Knowing all the drugs from the Middle East were allegedly fuelling the cast and crew - it might be the perfect time to give "Popeye" another look.

Yeah, we're probably gonna take Robin Williams and Eric Idle's word on this...

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