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From PlayStations To ACs: 800kg Of Rubbish Picked Up In Majjistral Park Cleanup

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A cleanup at a Natura 2000 area in Majjistral Park saw around 800kg of rubbish get picked up by volunteers.

Amongst other things, volunteers picked up TV monitors, PlayStations, air conditioners, pushchairs, and tyres.

The St John Rescue Corps and Clean Malta joined the flurry of Majjistral Park volunteers who came together to undertake cleanup.

“This beautiful natural landscape was used as an illegal dumping ground for years – someone would drive in and dumps it off the cliff which made it incredibly difficult to clean up due to access issues,” the park said.

“Luckily, a number of people came to the rescue and we worked as a team to clear this area once and for all.”

Local environmentalist Cami Appelgren was amongst the cleanup volunteers.

“I’m blessed to be part of both these teams. I see how hard they work and they both depend on the community to support them by donating and volunteering,” Appelgren said.

The park encouraged readers to report illegal dumping to the Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) by calling 119.

What do you make of this?

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