Maltese Secondary Schools Sorted Into Harry Potter Houses

Where will yours land?

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Every person under the age of 30 grew up hoping they'd have the chance to learn at Hogwarts School For Witchcraft And Wizardry. Alas, none of us got that coveted letter in the mail.

Still, we'd like to give everyone the chance to know their chosen destiny, so here are the most popular secondary schools, sorted into their Harry Potter houses.

1. Hufflepuff

Loyal and trustworthy, a Hufflepuff is usually referred to as 'sweet' or 'nice'. Their goal in life is to play fair... how nice.


Maltese Schools:

De La Salle

St Martin's College

St Joseph (Sliema)

St Michael's Foundation

Stella Maris College

Santa Monica

All government schools (ish)

2. Ravenclaw

Brains, wisdom, wit and knowledge are the house's key words. They're locked in an ivory tower, with their nose stuck in a book not wasting time on frivolous activities like 'fun'

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Maltese Schools:

Savio College

St Agatha's Rabat

Archbishop's Seminary

3. Gryffindor 

Courage, daring, nerve and chivalry are the house's key words. They also have a tendency towards the egoistic, with a flare for over the top gestures and a strong desire to prove themselves worthy.

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Maltese Schools:

San Anton

San Andrea

St Joseph (Blata L-Bajda)

4. Slytherin

Resourceful, cunning, ambitious and creative, a Slytherin cares more about being great, than doing good. Many see them as evil, and a number of them may be, but ruthless ambition doesn't necessarily mean criminal.

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Maltese Schools:

St Edward's College

St Aloysius College

Sacred Heart

Bonus: Beauxbatons

Not a house, but a foreign school. Still, our own Verdala school for international students would slot in perfectly. Also: Thi Laken, cos, what?


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