These Maltese Teens May Be The Funniest YouTubers Out There

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YouTube gaming has been a huge thing around the world for a couple of years now, but it seems like the concept is gradually making its way to Malta. 

With top YouTubers like PewDiePie raking in nearly 55 million subscribers and making (very) big money, it's easy to see why the whole initiative would be attractive to many, but it takes a special type of entertainer to properly pull it off. And we might have very well found Malta's answer.

Say hello to Pistol Whipped. 

Disclaimer: The below videos feature excessive Maltese swearing and are therefore NSFW... but hilarious.

As their description goes, Pistol Whipped are a "clan with ambitions created by Maltese gamers who are willing to fight in both a casual and competitive way". But it's definitely the casual moments that lead to some golden moments in their short highlight videos.

The hilarious group uploaded videos of themselves playing (and frequently failing at) CS:GO, a first-person shooter which has become a firm favourite with a lot of YouTube gaming shows. While the idea of streaming hilarious fails of the game has been done before, this is one of the first—and best—efforts which has shown up from Malta. 

Here are some of our absolute favourite moments from just under 5 minutes of pure comedy gold.

1. Shaun (Cyka Kaccii) gets a telling off from his mother mid-game

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 11 00 25

2. The team tries to explain why they suck so much

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 11 08 24

3. Vladimir accidentally kills a teammate 

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 11 14 17

4. Going off on a tangent to talk about toasts

"Aw man, tiftakruhom dawk it-toasts li konna nieħdu bil-butir u l-jam fil live-ins? Il-qaħba man."

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 11 14 49
Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 11 15 22

5. Shaun dies (again)

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 11 25 59
Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 11 26 50

6. "Cykka Kaccii, Slow Reflexi"

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 11 27 23

7. Vendrict discovers he has a seven-day ban from the game (again)

Screen Shot 2017 05 10 At 11 15 22

After a couple of weeks of absence, Pistol Whipped uploaded an update video

Vendrict's seven-day ban was lifted, and after weeks of excruciating effort, Shaun (Cyka Kaccii) got on the other team's Gold ranking level. All of that, however, was over a year ago.

This is an official request to bring back Pistol Whipped. Guys, you need to make it happen!

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