Maltese Woman Marries Fiancé She Met On 'World Of Warcraft'

Gives a new meaning to MMO grinding

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It turns out there's more than just angsty teens dropping curse words on online games, a fact that recently-married Rachelle van Hooren (nee Zammit) knows all too well.

Although it was Rachelle and David who tied the knot last Saturday, sparks first started to fly between Laras, the Night Elf Warrior, and Heretic, the Human Priest. After questing together for a while, the two let curiosity get the better of them and set up a Skype meeting to have a conversation outside of the gaming world... and the rest was history.


The pair in the game

Following endless virtual calls, they took their in-game relationship to a new level and started dating in the real world. The pair said one final goodbye to Skype back in 2013. After knowing each other for seven years and dating for over three and a half, the long-distance thing was no longer an option and so they moved to the same country.


Their final Skype call

 David, a Dutch national, has since moved to Malta, and even though Laras and Heretic no longer adventure across Azeroth, their real quest has only just begun. Let's hope the loot is good.

The pair haven't played World of Warcraft in years, but they do still enjoying gaming together. As local video-game website put it, this story proves gaming isn't always as lonely and antisocial as everyone seems to think.

Lovin Malta wishes the happy couple all the best on their new adventure!

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