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People In Malta Are Willing To Pay Almost Double To Get A PlayStation 5

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The first batch of PlayStation 5s sold out in Malta before they even got here – and now people are willing to pay almost double its retail price to get a hold of one.

The next time a PS5 will be on the shelves in Malta isn’t until the first quarter of 2021, but even those might be sold out and people are paying crazy amounts for them.

Exotique, one of Malta’s most popular electronic stores, recently ran an €849 PS5 bundle offer which included a gaming headset and four games as well as a €100 deposit with the expectation that the PS5 will arrive in February.

Even at almost double the price, this bundle pack is sold out – showing just how far people will go to get their hands on the next-generation console. 

If people are willing to fork out close to €1,000 to get their hands on the video game console, that’s fair enough. The deal itself isn’t bad either with four games and a gaming headset that amounts to the total on offer.

Exotique also took in pre-order requests for the PS5 disc version at a retail price of €499 with a €100 deposit that is expected to come in March. But as you can imagine, if you haven’t ordered already, then you stand no chance because that too is sold out. 

For the rest of us, that might mean we’ll have to wait a little longer until we get to experience the latest graphics and games to hit the market.

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