The 7 Maltese 'Game Of Thrones' Fans You'll Find In Every Office

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If it seems like the entire country is obsessed with HBO's hit series Game of Thrones, it's because it is. Everyone and their mother is watching the show, which means every office across the island is buzzing with excitement after last Sunday's premiere. 

Our article is Season 7 spoiler-free. Please keep our comments this way too.

1. The 'Għax sieħbi qalli...'

All the conspiracy theories the internet has put forth can be found in the deep recesses of this person's mind. The episode of the day was not enough; they have looked up all the backstories and spoke to people who have read the books in order to provide you with a series of potential spoilers even if they 'Not confirmed ta. Just theories, don't worry.'

2. The 'Tkellmunix! Għadni ma rajtux.'

Suddenly becoming the most productive person in the office, this person will slap on a pair of headphones and avoid conversations with coworkers at all costs. They'll even stay off Facebook - a dream employee.

3. The 'Żomm... dak min kien?'

They watch the show for the gore and the sex, but honestly it's becoming hard to keep up with all those names and faces. Every serious Game of Thrones office conversation is interrupted for more (probably basic) information.

4. The 'Jiena rqadt'

Bless them for trying, but their commitment to the show is significantly lower than that of the other coworkers. So come battlecry or betrayal, 11:00pm means sleepy time is around the corner.

5. The 'Illostra man, faqali moħħi'

The ultimate fan who oohs and aahs whenever a colleague mentions literally anything that happened in the show. 

"At the beginning when they showed the grass..."

"... OH MY GOD YES! And that rock!"

6. The 'M'għadux listess istra'

The purists who yearn for the days the show was filmed in Malta. Something has changed and they don't like it.

7. The 'Xi ħadd ra Pretty Little Liars?'

Nobody feels more left out than the someone who doesn't watch the show on a Tuesday morning. It's ok Sarah, one day you'll come around.

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