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The Nine-Year-Old Army Has Arrived: PewDiePie Posters Appear All Over Malta’s University Campus

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Blink and you might’ve missed it, but there’s a massive (and mostly satirical) online battle currently waging on YouTube. And now, it’s solidly made its way to Malta.

PewDiePie, the most subscribed person on the popular social media network (since 2013, no less), might soon have to make do with a silver medal. India-based T-Series, a channel that features everything from soap operas to educational nursery rhymes, stands to take over as the number one subbed YouTube channel, quickly catching up to the Swedish celebrity’s 74 million + subscribers.

There’s even a handy – if not slightly unsettling – live comparison of the two channel’s subscribers, with the gap sitting on just over 400,000 people.

In the last month or so, a rigorous (and hilarious) campaign to keep PewDiePie in the top spot has taken over various parts of the world… and it seems like it’s now properly landed in Malta

All over the world, hilarious gimmicks saw people buy the most expensive and flashiest billboards in their city, drive trucks with massive banners around and even hack printers worldwide to urge everyone to subscribe to PewDiePie.

The Swedish YouTuber’s massive fanbase – jokingly referred to as the nine-year-old army – even started playing his popular diss track Bitch Lasagna in clubs all around the world, eventually also making it to Malta’s very own Beachaven in Xemxija.

Now, posters urging people to subscribe to PewDiePie have appeared all over Malta’s university, and they’re everything

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The two-panel A4s are simple, straightforward, and just as memeworthy as you’d expect a PewDiePie campaign to be.

Showing readers why they should subscribe to the Swedish YouTuber, the papers say PewDiePie doesn’t have legs (an inside joke that was sparked after a paparazzi-like photo of Felix in a supermarket parking lot went viral), and also quote him as being the most trustworthy news source on the internet (another meme initiated by his satirical Pew News segment).

And much like PewDiePie has bonus memes and Lovin Malta has bonus points, the papers throw in one extra reason; unlike T-Series, the Swede is an actual content creator, and not some giant faceless company. Honestly, at this point, having Comic Sans on there is just another bonus.

The paper also has a QR code, presumably leading to PewDiePie’s YouTube homepage to subscribe.

Thanks to Andrew Emanuel Attard Biancardi for sending in the photo

Tag a member of the nine-year-old army… and someone who needs to do his part and subscribe to PewDiePie!

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