This Maltese DJ Did His Part And Ended Up Going Viral On Pewdiepie's Twitter Feed

This story has many layers, just like a lasagna

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The most subscribed channel and person on YouTube, PewDiePie, has been showing some serious love to the Maltese islands recently.

Apart from his constant reposting and general fanboying of Malta's very own edgy memelord Grandayy, he recently retweeted a video of Maltese DJ I.YOU dropping a banger in a club.

But it wasn't just any old banger - it was PewDiePie's recent diss track 'Bitch Lasagna', and the Maltese DJ was recorded turning up to the meme single at a recent Black Plague party at Beachhaven, Xemxija.

The video soon made its way to Reddit, before getting tweeted at PewDiePie by Grandayy himself

Soon after, PewDiePie retweeted the video, and it quickly went viral, leading to many a comment and question.

Twitter users began to wonder if I.YOU was actually Grandayy, come out of his meme-making base for one weekend to drop some hot tracks

Some wondered if this was all a setup, while others wondered if there was any way to copystrike the club for playing PewDiePie's song.

After all was said and retweeted, thousands of people ending up learning all about the island of Malta, how very much on it Maltese DJs are, and, most importantly, that people are actually playing Pewdiepie's meme single at real hip hop parties.

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