9 Times This Episode Of Game Of Thrones Perfectly Represented Life In Malta

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WARNING: Season 7, Episode 4 spoilers ahead.

As the fourth episode of an ever-dwindling season of Game of Thrones comes to a close, thousands of Maltese people turn to their friends and coworkers to excitedly chat about all the cool shit that just went down, and their theories for all the cool shit to come. But why do so many Maltese watch it? Probably because we feel at one with the show's storyline.

1. When you 'go north' to Għajn Tuffieħa for an early-morning yoga lesson and come back a changed person 


2. When you talk about sex and you're worried about the taboo so it's all about euphemisms

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3. You're never really sure if the person you're crushing on is secretly your relative 

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4. When you leave the safety of your AC

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5. When you require an early-morning glass of wine to survive a house-loan meeting with the bank 


6. When that one weird cousin keeps showing up at parties 


7. When a kid runs past you on the beach and kicks sand in your face

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Tarth 2

8. When a bus drives past and you're hit with a wave of hot air

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9. When you're not sure if you should lie to the priest at confession cos the shit you did was really bad


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