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WATCH: That’s Not Greece! Swieqi Roads Screw Up Popular YouTube Gamers’ Winning Guess Streak

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Could you identify a country just by looking at a couple of photos of streets dropped in a random location? Well, two of the world’s biggest YouTube gamers thought they were onto something by beating other players in a popular Geography guessing game… but faltered once they got to Malta.

In a video uploaded on Monday, 24-year-old Harry ‘W2S’ Lewis – who’s regularly listed as one of the top ten YouTubers in the world – teamed up with fellow gaming institution Vikkstar123 for a couple of rounds of the GeoGuesser challenge.

The game revolves around a very simple premise, dropping players in a completely random location on the world in Google Street View and asking them to guess what country they’re in.

Watching the whole thing was a combined viewership of W2S and VIK’s eight million subscribers, and even though the pair got off to a bit of a rough start, things soon started looking up.

Since the two were playing a Battle Royale version of the game, the rules also included timed and sudden death modoes, meaning anyone who guesses the wrong country (or is last to guess correctly) is instantly booted out.

And while some rounds were easy thanks to obvious give-aways like the Swedish flag on top of a house or a bright sign written in Thai, others were much tougher.

Nearly a quarter of an hour into the challenge and with the pair in the Final 1v1 Round, they were presented with a pretty familiar sight… if you’re Maltese, that is.

Sure, the roads around Għargħur and Madliena the two got were off the beaten track, but the garrigue landscape and Mediterranean sea on the horizon – not to mention the recognisable buildings and roads – were all very easy for anyone who’s ever been to the islands.

But faced with the pressure of having to instantly guess (not to mention the fact that they quickly ran into a dead end in a residential area of the small town), the two faltered. Especially when they ended up in a dead-end road in Swieqi. But what did they guess?

Well, of all places, Greece was their first guess. 

So yeah, maybe Bernard Grech was onto something?

As soon as they realised it’s the wrong guess, the YouTubers shifted their focus to the other side of the Mediterranean, desperately scrambling for islands near Spain and Portugal before going back to Cyprus. But alas, all their guesses were wrong… with competing finalist Patrick Poulsen correctly guessing Malta and eliminating them.

“We got to the 50-50, we got to the final two,” Vik offered as consolation, as a frustrated Harry shouted, “We should’ve cheated!”

Meanwhile, the video has already amassed over a million views, and is currenty listed as the #6 Trending gaming video on all of YouTube right now. 

Not a bad random cameo for Malta, then!

Tag someone who lives around Swieqi, Għargħur and Madliena!

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