7 Young Maltese Artists With An Incredibly Unique Style

Get ready to feel bad about your stick-people

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There's no shortage of incredible talent in Malta, but some young artists have developed a quirky, cute or unique style that just makes them stand out. Here are seven who've carved out their own little niche.

1. Dale Scerri

Currently working towards a PhD in Physics in the UK, Dale's style is steampunk fantasy meets science nerd... aka perfection. 

2. Matt Stroud 

Animating, illustrating, designing and everything in between - Matt's art is colourful, sweet yet poignant, and it's easy to see why he's been published in many children's books.

3. Inez Kristina 

Currently working on Malta's hottest comic series, Mibdul, Inez spends her days doodling adorable and intriguing characters.

4. Gabe Chetcuti

Carefully toeing the line between dark and adorable, Gabe's characters tell a hundred stories without saying a single thing.

5. Warren Bartolo

Some people's work just makes you happy, and Warren is one of those artists.

6. Shawn Cauchi

With a flair for bright, fluorescent colours in his illustrations, Shawn has perfected both his anime-esque creations, and incredible portraiture.

7. Adrian Theuma

A master of fantasy art, Adrian's work will make you wish you were born on a different planet - and his unique style on each one is subtle, but incredible.

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