Has Malta's Education System Failed Us?

A discussion hopes to open the floodgates on this topic

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The quality of education has recently been a hotly debated topic - and rightly so. If we don't start teaching children the important lessons from a young age, we can't expect to see positive results in the future. But what about the way we're currently learning? Has Malta's current education system failed us? 

To discuss this topic further TEDxUniversityOfMalta will be hosting a 'salon session' next week.

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The event, which is taking place on Wednesday 28th February at Hammett's in Sliema, will invite speakers from various sectors of education to discuss the effectiveness of today’s educational system, and how it can be improved, if that's even possible.

Kids these days have more access to resources than ever before, but what they find in the real world often takes them by surprise. How could all those years of hard work not prepare graduates adequately for the workplace? What skills are they missing? Can these skills be taught?

So if you're interested in discussing all this and more, get your tickets right now.

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The open discussion will be hosted by Chucky, with special guests including Mario Aquilina, a University lecturer, Nikki Fenech, a teacher, and Daniela Debono, a B.Ed student. So take matters into your own hands and join us next Wednesday.

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