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Have You Got A Super Spooky Maltese Ghost Story? We Want To Hear All About It

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Halloween is here and while we might not be able to dress up or go trick or treating, there are still plenty of ways to get your spook on.

The Maltese islands have their fair share of classic ghost stories that will quite frankly chill you to the bone. 

From tales of a woman roaming the streets of Mdina at night to the spirit of a murdered woman walking the empty halls of a Valletta hotel, Malta is officially haunted. 

And it comes as no surprise given its long and bloody history of conquest.

While everyone might be familiar with the island’s most famous ghost stories, and the haunted hotspots which you should avoid at night, there are plenty more anecdotal stories out there from people who have had their own personal brushes with the supernatural.

And we’d love to hear each and every one of them.

If you have a ghost story that you’re dying to share (pun intended) then let us know by submitting it via the form below – we’ll then share it on Lovin Malta so that everyone can get spooked by your scary story!

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Whether you heard whispers at night, saw a ghost walk down the street or even ventured into one of the notorious haunted houses the island has, this is the perfect time and place to let everyone know what you’ve been through and try to convince them that ghosts are real.

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